Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling "Lonesome" - Woodie Alan Blues

Like the song says, I hit the city and I lost my band. I know that some of you don't understand.

I moved back from China two years ago but sometimes I miss my brother Woodie Wu in the most profound ways. I'd give anything to be able to pop over and have a quick jam with Mr Wu Mengke right now.

As discussed in Big in China, Bob Dylan's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go," became our band's signature way of saying good bye to departing friends - and they departed all the time in such a transitory community. We worked the song up with a totally new arrangement and in a way that often made it feel like our most original song - even more so than the 10 or so songs we wrote together.

Once we decided to leave and I was playing my last frenzied runs of shows, the song took on a much heavier meaning for me; I was saying good bye to everything i loved about my life in Beijing, very much including my wonderful band. Below is a nice video of us performing "You're Gonna Make Me LOnesome when YOu Go," though it is far from our finest effort. I think it may have been the very first time we played it with this arrangement. It is the great hutong bar, Jianghuy Jiuba.