Saturday, April 30, 2011

The China Daily is bullish on Big In China

"Big in China vividly conveys the open-ended, chaotic, wonder and possibility of being a foreigner in today's China. Alan Paul's evolution from expat-village 'trailing spouse' to star of the Chinese music scene stands for countless similar developments underway in China now. I hope many people read this book -- and at least consider a similar adventure themselves."
—James Fallows, author,Postcards from Tomorrow Square

Anyone who has lived in China will know why I am so tickled about this nice article in China Daily. James Fallows often calls it his favorite paper, tongue firmly planted in cheek. But if you've read it regularly and/or followed China, you'll understand why he would say this and why I would be happy about this.

Better, yet, they did a nice job with the article and I am honestly quite pleased about it. Spread the word.