Sunday, March 07, 2010

40th Anniversary of Woodstock tour

Duke came up from Texas for the Woodstock fest and never left. Last August, a week after the 40th anniversary, he gave Norm Bradford and I a tour of the grounds.

Meet Me In The Morning

I found this video on my hard drive and was happy to have done so. It is from the JZ jazz club in Hangzhou, one of the nicest places we played. It was a great gig and it is cool to have something from it captured. it is not a perfect performance by any means -- Woodie has some tech problems and his solo, while good, is really not one of his best. I messed up the order of a couple of verses and oversang in a few places. If i had video of every gig we ever played, I would have a better version of this tune, which we have opened almost every gig we ever played with. But I don't have that, and I like this a lot. Enjoy.