Monday, December 15, 2008

Home, We're Headed Home

...well, eventually.

II am writing from Tokyo Narita Airport. We are gone from Beijing...exahusted, worn out...too tired to feel much emotion except happy that we are finished with the packing and loading out and good byes. Lots of great memorable times in the last week or two alone.

And lots of little boys crying, too. Jacob's friends almost all cried saying good bye. It was sweet...and sour.

We will be in Honolulu tomorrow morning, which will still be today, in the longest day of our lives, a 48-hour marathon. Look at a globe and the int' date line and you will understand.

We had a 6-hour layover here and went into the town of Narita for a nice afternoon and a great teppanyaki/sashimi dinner.

Sayonara.... and go Steelers. Happy I will be home for the playoffs.