Thursday, August 21, 2008

CCTV appearance and more

Here is a clip of meappearing on English language CCTV-1 the other night I ran around like crazed monkey to get to this place, stumbled upstairs had some powder thrown on my face, changed my clothes and ran out onto the set about 5 minutes before cameras rolled. I appeared with two TV professionals. I didn't fall on my face, so that was good. First question: "China now has 41 god medals. And where is the United States, Alan?"

I didn't choke on my tongue, so I did okay. See for yourself.

Back to the ping pong store. I love this guy, the Dott of ping pong. Riper knows what I mean.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching hoops and eating spicy chicken in a little hutong restaurant. Can you believe they pay me for this?

How did China get so good so fast at beach volleyball? And what's with those bikinis?