Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RE: Hebner

Since I can't respond in the proper place, I will do so here.
Fat Al,
To set the record straight, Myron, Murray Chase, myself and others in-fact started out as TA Forward sports editor.
Don't remember having you call Myron re: Richie Hebner but...
Richie Hebner is the 54th all time greatest Pirate according to the Pittsburgh Pirate Encycolpedia (Finoli and Ranier, C2003.) Richie is just ahead of Rennie Stennet at number 55 and well ahead of Ripper's favorite Doc Ellis at 59 (Sorry Ripper.) Although hard to believe Richie is number 54, Jose Lind is number 91 and Kevin Young # 89. I hope Myron, grounded in in Allderdice roots, had the foresight to answer your question in the affirmative.
With Love,
Brother Delaware Dave

I say this list is proven flawed by the mere fact that Hebner is ahead of Stennet. He was great until he broke his ankle. Where does Al "Scoop" Oliver rank? One of my all -time favorites. Gene Clines? Bill Robinson? Omar Moreno? Frank Taveres? Mike "Hitman" Easler? Tim Foli? Dave Guisti? I need to see this list.

I'm sure there are more Foreword sports editors who have made an impact out there... maybe Larry Luchinno of the Boston Red Sox? Howard Fineman of Newsweek?