Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Defending myself and more...

My mom writes:

Your blog was very interesting. It sounded to me that you were extremely unfriendly to the newcomer! Dad felt that way too. YOu should make it up to him! We will call you tomorrow. Love, M

OK, I need to clarify and defend myself. I can understand how from what I wrote it would seem I was unfriendly, but I assure you I was not.

I may have been a little brief, but I was not rude. I was friendly and welcoming and respectfully thankful of his compliments.

When I saw them at the school I was a little more abrupt but still not rude. I was in the middle of a family mini crisis and more or less wearing my pajamas to boot.

And while we’re onto emails.. my IT guy and overall tech guru Steve Goldberg wrote in in support of my hatred of Yu-Gi-Oh.

i hate yugi with the passion of a thousand suns. and the growing, moving gobs of piles of cards. sorting, resorting, categorizing. and the beauty is that jack never wins a duel, which he chalks up to not having good cards. i finally had to break it to him that, given we have 1.2 million cards, he might need to brush up on his strategy. he seem to acknowlege this possibility.

Steve also sticks up for me to the playa hata who wrote me that nasty letter.

give me the email of that douchebag that wrote that flame-o-gram. i'll give him a proper response. passive aggressive cocksucker.

i read with great pain that you have no broadband internet. my worst fear realized.

hope to see u on IM soon.

Hey, I appreciate that. And I am back onto broadband land, though as I noted earlier it is a shaky system, set up by on-hand IT guru Charlie Mutinda, of Nairobi.