Saturday, July 01, 2006

Response to bikers, Way to see anna videos...

Who posted this brilliant idea? I am on board. Who wants to start the campaign? Delaware Dave has some serious medical authority in a state with a rather high percentage of likely bikers, so I nominate him.

I say, if you get a license to ride a motorcycle, you should automatically become an organ donor. chances are you are reasonably young and most of your parts, other than your brain, will be reusable.

ps. glad big ben is doing well and that he was duly contrite by all counts.

and Carrie notes:

I still can't get Anna's videos to run.

I know. I don't understand why. They work fin e on you tube page and evenon my preview view for this page. I can send yu a url to view the video. In fact, try this if you are so inclined: