Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jacob's Bug Book


Author: Jacob Paul

Bug Homes-Page 3

What do they Do Page 4

What do They Eat
Page 5

Author Profile Page 2

Author Profile:
Jacob Paul

Age : He is 8 years old
Hobbies : Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
Schools : Marshall School and Dulwich College Beijing.
Birthplace : U.S.A
Birth : 1998 Feb 23
Jacob Paul lives in Maplewood, NJ, but now he lives in Beijing, China.

Part 1

Bug Homes

Did you know that? Ants live in ant holes. And grubs live in the ground. Beetles live in the grass. Centipedes on roof tops. Grasshoppers live on rocks. Bees live in bee hives. Flies live everywhere. Ticks live in the forest.

Part 2
What Do They Do?

Ants dig and collect food. And grubs kill grass. Beetles make nest. Centipedes bite. Grasshoppers jump high. Bees make honey and sting. Flies fly and eat dead skin. Ticks jump and bite.

Part 3
What Do They Eat?

Ants eat food. And grubs eat grass. Beetles eat wood. Centipedes eat dirt and dead trees. Grasshoppers eat grass. Bees eat honey. Flies eat dead skin. Ticks eat dead skin.