Monday, May 01, 2006

Jacob takes Silver

Jacob got his silver certificate last Thursday at the school assembly. They get merits for good behavior, good work, etc and after 10 they get a bronze, 30 a silver, 60 a gold. Jacob got his silver last week and it happened to coincide with three of his best friends also being honored – Javier Wong, Andrew Moy and Michael Becker. I love these pictures.

The third is of Jacob with his friend Michael Sunderland, who moved to San Francisco on Friday. It’s the beginning of a steady steam of departures which can be the difficult part of life in a place like this. It is very transient. Andrew and his family are leaving in a few months and it will have a huge impact on everyone in the family except me. The kids each lose one of their very best friends and Becky loses Kathy, her trusted deputy.