Tuesday, March 28, 2006

HK Disney

Wow. what a couple of days... will try to find time to put it all together.. yesterday spent most of the day alone with the kids at OPcean park, an amusement park in HK, right outside of town.. stunning place built into a mountain overlooking HK and the south china Sea. Spent today at Disney, which is small but otherwise very... disney like.

we are at the Hollywood Hotel for second night. i ti snice and felt like a breath of fresh air after two nights crammed into tiny downtown HK hotel rooms... place where if I walked across the street to 7-11 (which are everywhere here), I had to go through a gauntlet of girly bars, with busty women in tight dresses grabbing my arm and saying, "come have a drink."

Those of you who recall my bad attitude towards diseny are welcome to make fun of us. My attitude hasn't changed all that much though it is quite a different feeling swimming in a piono shaped pool at the Hollywood Hotel while the Beach Boys and Elvis play in Hk than it would be in Orlando or Anaheim. i told Becky I felt like a soldier on R&R. And it is interesting looking at the place through the Asian eyes running through the place in wonderment.

overall, I preferred ocean Park really but we had a good day. i'll write more soon and post some of the great pictures I took.