Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Naming my column

Okay, I need a name for my WSJ.com column. I had suggested China Moments, which is a phrase people use here to describe things going screwy. You know, finding out what you have to do to get a driver's license is a China Moment. They like the idea, but wanted something broader... focusing more on being an expat than living in China specifically. So I am calling on you, my faithful, loyal readers, friends and family for help.

Anyone who comes up with an idea we use will receive a pound of Peet's coffee, mad props on the blog and years of undying gratitude, not to mention endless smug satisfaction. So come on, let's hear some ideas.

Jay Gindoff was here for two nights. He came by on is way to Southern China on a business trip, which he seems to make every few months. We had a great time, running all over Beijing yesterday. I’ll get some pics up tomorrow. Jay is, as ever, a great hang.

I picked him up at the airport, which was a total fiasco and led to my worst hour in China, a mad dash through parking lots, terminals, subterranean warrens, unreadable signs and more. It was the usual kind of nonsense that can befall an airport pickup, except I couldn’t ask people for help or read the signs. Long story short, we had confusion over each other’s phone numbers and I was waiting by door 7 Level One and jay was waiting at door 7, level 2. It all seems comical now, but it was maddening.

It was all uphill once we finally found each other, thankfully.