Thursday, November 10, 2005

Good news

Election reuslts looked good. we neglected to vote absentee, which I am upset about. Will not happen again. But aside from Ah-nold being beaten back, this very local election is what I was happiest about. nothing makes my blood boil more than this "inteligent design" crap.

From the NY Times

A Decisive Election in a Town Roiled Over Intelligent Design

Published: November 10, 2005

DOVER, Pa., Nov. 9 - In the end, voters here said they were tired of being portrayed as a northern version of Dayton, Tenn., a Bible Belt hamlet where 80 years ago a biology teacher named John Scopes was tried for illegally teaching evolution.

On Tuesday, the residents of Dover ousted all eight school board members running for re-election who had put their town in a global spotlight and their school district on trial for being the first in the nation to introduce intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in science class. In swept the full Dover Cares slate of eight candidates, which had coalesced to oppose the change in the science curriculum.