Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hanging with Tmac

Good god I'm tired today. Trekked all over Beijing with Tracy McGrady and a bunch of Adidas reps yesterday. It was alot of fun and quite interesting. I'll throw a few pictures up here. To get the rest of the details, you'll have to wait until I write it all up. it will be posted on www.slamonline.com tuesday or weds. I'll post a link when it gets up there.

The other big news is I got my press certification today. I am the bureau chief for Slam's spanking new Beijing bureau. to deal with that, I had to come downtown. I am in the WSJ office right now, a ncie change from Starbucks, actually. I am going to come down here more often ocne we get a little more settled. But this is a big step. Now I can get a long-term residency visa, which b is in the process of finalizing now. Once we have those, we can get drivers' licenses.

more soon...